San Francisco Book Review

Vol 1, Issue 5, Page 24. Jan10, 2010

Art, Architecture & Photography

Himalayan Portfolios, Photographs by Kenneth Hanson,

IPG $85, 190 Pages

Beautiful. One of the many adjectives that could be used to describe Kenneth Hanson’s Himalayan Portfolios. This breathtaking and exciting collection of photographs takes us to the feet of the tallest mountains in the world…with stunning results. Each Portfolio begins with a short essay by Kenneth Hanson about the particular region and where he went followed by one amazing photograph after another. Hanson shows his technical skill by taking his camera to some of the most inhospitable terrains imaginable. Through his many journeys into the Himalayas and his accidental interest in photography, Hanson gives new life to nature photography.

The portfolios are arranged to go from west to east, starting with Kashmir and working to the eastern edge of Nepal. The size of these mountains will simply take your breath away. They just rise into the heavens above the valley floors. The rivers rush down narrow canyons, at times washing away the only road. The villages that are perched right on the edge of cliffs that just seem to hang in the sky – Hanson brings all to life with his camera.

By Kevin Winter

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