I've been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic connective-tissue disorder, that combined with many years of heavy physical work and repetitive motion, has injured my spine and upper body.

I have had to put a temporary hold on making certain items in my catalog. My simulated wampum beads and weaving supplies are still available. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

About the Company; Waaban Aki Crafting

On-Line since 1997

Wampum Beads &
     Weaving Supplies

Woven Wampum
     Beadwork & Jewelry

Custom Clothing, Regalia
     and Feather Accessories

Birch Bark Ornaments,
     Containers & Utensils

Games, Toys
     and Puzzles

Traditional Figures,
     Natural Dolls & Baskets

Eastern Woodland Books

Fine Art Note Cards

Craft Kits! Educational fun
     for kids & adults.

Craftwork Pamphlets

Wanting to Learn More?
Visit my free educational website, NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art

Specializing in Reproductions & Traditional Crafts of the Eastern Woodlands

Dance accessories for Native Americans, Educational Materials for Teachers and Museum Reproductions including porcupine quill and beadwork, items of birchbark, leather, feathers, bone, antler, pottery, plants and metals.

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Most of my items are hand-made to-order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
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Patience and research are part of every hand-crafted piece.
Hot off the presses! "Woodland Windows" A new book that offers a unique portal on the Eastern Woodland Indians.

wampum belt set
Making the finest original hand-made simulated wampum beads and reproduction woven wampum beadwork available since 1990. wampum belt set
Young people and teachers will enjoy browsing through my unique selection of educational dolls, figures, toys, games and puzzles. Games and Toys
I enjoy working with dancers on their outfits, and designing beadwork to match their regalia. pucker toe moccasins
I offer unique gift ideas throughout my catalog, including my excuisite miniature sweetgrass coil baskets. sweetgrass turtle basket
Note Cards featuring my own unique Scenes from the Eastern Woodlands. fine art greeting cards
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No international orders
outside U.S. territories and Canada.

Aside from my simulated Wampum Beads,
I offer no separate wholesale price scale.

I can not process credit cards.
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My Products can NOT be labled 'Native American Made';
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Many items are hand-made to-order; Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, depending on complexity of your order.

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I encourage custom designs,
and welcome your input, inquiries and feedback.

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