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This series of 35 pamphlets covers topics about Native American technology and emphasizes the Eastern Woodlands region. The topics include Beadwork, Featherwork, Pottery, Leather & Clothes, Metalwork, Porcupine Quillwork, Weaving & Cordage & Uses for Plants & Trees. Simple yet detailed instructions are presented on how materials are used by Native Americans. Each pamphlet has some background on the history and development of these kinds of Native technologies, showing both the changes and continuity from pre-contact times to the present.

These pamphlets, printed in black & white on full-sheet size paper, are developed through workshops led for the Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut, Inc., for the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History, as well as for other local educational groups. Plans for more craft pamphlets are underway.

Workshop Pamphlets
Native American Technology

$2.00 ea. plus shipping & handling (see chart below)
1. Native American Basketry ~ Coil Baskets (and pine needle basket instructions - 5 pgs)
35. Native American Basketry ~ Nipmuc Splint Baskets (history & designs - 5 pgs)
2. Native American Beadwork ~ Beads and Pendants of the Eastern Forest (by material type - 8 pgs)
3. Native American Beadwork ~ Introduction and Use of Glass Beads (& sewing instructions - 7 pgs)
4. Native American Beadwork ~ Woven Hand-held & Loomwork Techniques (history & techniques - 6 pgs)
5. Native American Beadwork ~ Woven Wampum Beadwork (history of belt weaving and instructions - 7 pgs)
6. Native American Uses for Birch Bark ~ Canoes (& instructions for miniature canoes - 5 pgs)
7. Native American Uses for Birch Bark ~ Containers and Utensils (history and patterns - 6 pgs)
8. Native American Uses for Birch Bark ~ Fans (instructions & miniature fans - 4 pgs)
9. Native American Uses for Birch Bark ~ Transparencies, Cutouts & Toys (history & examples - 4 pgs)
10. Native American Uses for Cattails ~ Duck Decoys (history and instructions - 5 pgs)
11. Native American Uses for Cattails ~ Sewn Mats (uses of cattails for wigwams & instructions - 4 pgs)
12. Native American Uses for Cattails ~ Toys to Food (& instructions for toy ducks & dolls - 5 pgs)
13. Native American Clothing ~ Traditional Dress and Regalia (overview of styles - annotated sketches - 9 pgs)
14. Native American Clothing ~ Leather Bags & Pouches (history, instructions & patterns - 4 pgs)
15. Native American Clothing ~ Mittens & Gloves (history & instructions for mittens - 8 pgs)
16. Native American Clothing ~ Moccasins (Regional Overview of Footwear - instructions and patterns - 5 pgs)
17. Native American Uses for Cornhusks ~ Dolls (history and instructions - 4 pgs)
18. Native American Uses for Cornhusks ~ Masks (history and policy regarding masks, no instructions - 3 pgs)
19. Native American Uses for Cornhusks ~ Twined Bottles & Baskets (history and instructions - 6 pgs)
20. Native American Uses for Cornhusks ~ Origins & Importance (history and examples - 4 pgs)
21. Native American Featherwork ~ Single Wrapped Feathers (instructions for various styles - 7 pgs)
22. Native American Weaving ~ Fingerwoven Belts of the Eastern Forests (history & instructions - 4 pgs)
23. Native American Games & Toys (history, examples, and rules - 5pgs)
24. Native American Metal Work ~ Tinkling Cones; Copper and Brass Sheet Metal (history & instructions - 3 pgs)
25. Native American Uses for Plants ~ Gathering for Food, Medicine & Technology (plants in the northeast - 12 pgs)
29. Native American Uses for Plants ~ Sweetgrass (history and examples - 3 pgs)
26. Native American uses of Porcupine Quills ~ Embroidery on Leather (history and instructions in techniques -6 pgs)
27. Native American uses of Porcupine Quills ~ Decoration on Birch Bark (history and instructions - 5 pgs)
28. Native American uses of Porcupine Quills ~ Strung & Threaded Jewelry - (bracelets, chokers & earrings - 4 pgs)
30. Native American Pottery ~ Coiled Pots in Southern New England (history, tools and instructions - 7 pgs)
31. Native American Uses for Willow ~ Toys and Figures (history & instructions for stick deer and dolls - 7 pgs)
32. Native American Uses for Willow ~ Dream Catchers (origin, history and instructions - 6 pgs)
33. Coloring Book (scenes of Eastern Woodland life - 12 pgs)
34. Source List of Mail-order craft supplies (based on my NativeTech website's growing list)
Each pamphlet costs $2.00

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Much of the information contained in these workshop pamphlets is available free of charge, and in color, on Tara's educational website NativeTech. Built entirely through her volunteer efforts, NativeTech contains thousands individual pages of text, graphics and information, including links to an index to Native American art resources on the Internet with a comprehensive source list for Native art & craft supplies.

Many of my items are hand-made to-order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
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